Thursday, October 14, 2010

Installing the first Atlassian Bamboo Remote Agent on Windows 2008


The below instructions are step by step to install Atlassian Bamboo Remote Agent on Windows 2008 server. You'll need to replace the «token» in the below instructions to match your setup.

Installation Instructions

  • Add «service_account» to the Administrators group
  • Ensure Java JRE 6 or JDK 6 or later is installed (e.g. jdk-6u14-windows-i586.exe)
  • Create a folder c:\program files\atlassian bamboo
  • Copy atlassian-bamboo-agent-installer-2.5.5.jar to c:\program files\atlassian bamboo
  • Run As Administrator Command Prompt
    CD c:\program files\atlassian bamboo
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\java" -Dbamboo.home=C:/Bamboo/agent1 -jar atlassian-bamboo-agent-installer-2.5.5.jar http://«bamboo_host»/agentServer/ installntservice
  • Change the Bamboo Remote Agent service to run as the «service_account»
  • Start the Bamboo Remote Agent service


Unknown said...

I am getting errors in my plan as soon as I try and run an executable (e.g. cmd.exe /c runtests.bat, or running nant) saying "cannot execute binary file". How do you run your tests from the Bamboo plan?

Bryan Crotaz

Richard Adleta said...

Sorry for the delay. I use the NAnt Plug-in for Bamboo to execute. Hope this helps.