Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finding a Blog Editor

I'm trying to find a good blog editor. I started by trolling google for a blog editor and ran across several. Usage is premium. It has to be simple, easy and quick.

I just downloaded the Chrome Plug-in called ScribeFire. (It's what I'm using to write this post.) I noticed it supports other browsers. So far, it's not bad, but then as I’m linking to the download page… BAM! It doesn’t let me highlight text and link it. I have to insert link, fill out form and submit. Boo! Uninstall.

While I was wasting my time with ScribeFire, I had the Windows Live Writer downloading in the background. I installed it and I have to say I’m actually impressed. It’s nice. It does what I want and the interface is pretty. I’ll stick with this one for a bit and see how it goes.

UPDATE: I found some nice Plugins for Windows Live Writer.

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